Sagaing Region
States and Regions of Myanmar

The division is one of spiritual significance. Many famous pagodas were built in the region, namely the Pu Hto, Swan Oo Pon Nya Shin, including Kaung Hmu Phya, Shwe Kyae Yet, Mingun Pu Hto Taw Gyi and many more. So, once can appreciate that the region is the very hallmark of spiritual and Buddhism culture. A prominent market is located in the town of Monwya, being the Mya Thala Zay, Chindwin Yadana Zay, Zay Thit, Thiri Yadana Zay and Aung Chantha Zay, sell all types of goods and electrical equipment. Some delicacies such as pork and chicken skewers and salted roasted peabuts can be found in the Thiri Yadana Zay, along the Station Road. Also available in Sule Kone yat and Kyauk Lan. Also popular is the Myo Ma Zay and Tahan Zay located in Kalay town.