Shwe Puzun

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246/248, Anawrahta Rd., Lanmadaw Township.



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"..Bakery, Cold Drinks and Self grown crops and seasonal Fruits.."
Bakery------------- "Cakes,Cookies, Bread and Pastries"
Cakes---------------- "Plain Cake, Fruit Cake, Plain Marble Cake, Plum Cake, Special Assorted Cakes, US Cake,Blueberry Cake, Chiffon Cheese Cake, Banana Cake, Pineapple up side down cake, Strawberry pie and Cakes for different occasions like Birthday, Anniversaries etc... up to 70 varieties."
Cookies----------------" Banana Oat Cookies, Con flake Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Ginger Cookies, Cinnamon Cookies,Nankahtaing and Cake Rusks etc... up to 40 varieties.In Nankahtaing ,we produce three different types like Traditional , Marble and Raisin plus Cashew nut."
Bread-------------------" French Loaf, Sandwich Bread, Brown Bread, Mexican Bread, Burger Bun , Red Bean Bun, Hand Made Bread, Hand Made Rasin Bread, Chicken Floss Bread, Chicken Sausage Bread, Mini Pizza Bread, Twist Bread and Pandan Bun etc... up to 35 varieties."
Pastries------------------" Chicken Puff, Mutton Puff, Kaya Puff,Sardine Croissant, Curry Croissant, Apple Danish, Cheese Danish and Raisin Roll etc... up to 20 varieties."
Cold Drinks----------------Milk based, Fresh Fruits based
Milk based-------------"Ice Cream, Faluda, Domino, Ice Cream with Cream and Jam(Natt-thoke-dar),Koolfee and Fruit Jelly Ice Cream etc... up to 35 varieties."
Fresh Fruits based----------"Juice up to 15 varieties."
We have started our Shwe Pu Zun business with Cakes and Cold Drinks.Then, we diversified the Plantation businesses since 1995.
1. Arabica Coffee Plantation & Rubber Plantation and Mango Orchard (Sein-ta-lone) in Yatsauk Township, Southern Shan State of Upper Myanmar.
2. Arabica Coffee Plantation in Pyin Oo Lwin Township, Mandalay Division,Myanmar.
3. Arabica Coffee plantation & Rubber Plantation in Naung Cho Township, Northern Shan State of Upper Myanmar.

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